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Computer repairs and services Brisbane North. We can come to your home or office or you can come to ours. Its that simple!

Don’t freak out… Call us!

At Computer Repairs Brisbane Northside, we have been fixing Computers for over a decade and between our pool of experts, there isn’t a problem that we cannot fix or repair.

Most of the time the problem is quite simple and is usually something like the RAM or memory and won’t require any major hardware replacement. In the rare situation where your computer is on it’s last legs, you need not fear because we can restore your machine back to brand new in most cases.

We can come to home or office in The North Brisbane area, we also travel outside this region for an additional fee.

The difference with our service is that we are not students or some geek that has bought a franchise… We are professionals and actually know what we are doing with your p.c.!

Believe it or not we have been around cleaning up the mess from some other operators who not only over charge… but also don’t really know what they are doing!


Common Problems include:

  • Computer Virus or Spyware
  • Cluttered Hard Drive
  • Memory Failure
  • Computer Driver Errors
  • Software

In most cases we can solve these issues in no time at all and usually on the same day. In some cases we will need to transfer your computer over to our electrical engineers, but this is uncommon.

There are some regular maintenance routines that you can carry out yourself to keep your computer running smoothly. They include:

  • Backing up your data to an external drive
  • Regular Virus scans
  • Defragmenting Hard disks
  • Cleaning out dust to keep the coolers running properly
  • Removing unnecessary files

One of the biggest issues that affect computers in Brisbane, is over heating. Make sure that you get your computer cleaned out from dust and keep it in an area where plenty of air can circulate.

Always make sure that you have the best internet security installed on your computer and this goes for Apple computers as well. We recommend Kaspesky Internet Security and you can download a trial version from the side bar of this site.

We can come to your home or office on Brisbane’s Northside or you can come to us!

We also have a Southside branch.

Computer Repairs Brisbane. Serving Brisbane with pride.

Call 0410 416 507 (9am to 5pm-mon to fri)


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