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No need to freak out if you get one of these!

With over 10 years experience in the computer repairs industry, we can offer a service to the local area that is of a quality you have grown to expect.

We realise the importance of having your computer running smoothly whether it be for business, personal or family use.

In most cases the problems with your computer can be repaired more or less instantly. In certain scenarios the problem is much more serious and will require more time and maybe even some parts.

One of the most important issues that effect all computers is internet security. We are virus removal experts and can usually remove a virus with deleting your hard drive.

We recommend using Kaspersky Internet Security. You can install a trial version by downloading it from the side bar.

Common Computer Problems That will Need Repair:

  • Memory or RAM is faulty
  • Power supply had failed
  • Hard disk is corrupt
  • Boot sector is damaged
  • Windows fails to load
  • CPU is over heating

Summer months in Brisbane are very hot. Heat is the enemy to computers. Make sure your computer is well ventilated and that all dust is cleaned out on a regular basis.

Also make sure you shut down your computer during an electrical storm and you have a good surge protection installed.

Call 0410 416 507 During Business Hours for all Enquiries.

Computer Repairs Nundah

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